Indoor Market – Rt 70 Auction & Flea Market


Indoor Market Vendor List (last updated 07/01/15)

Booth Vendor   Store Name  
RB-1 Christina Cheney   C.J. Discount
RB-1A Marc & Ryan    Buy More Comic Shop
RB-2 Marc & Ryan   Buy More Sports Shop
RB-3 Dawn & Annie   ***
RB-4 Mareilla Guillermo   Womans Clothing
RB-5 Joe Tedde   P.B. Coins and Collectables
RB-6 Joe Tedde   P.B. Coins and Collectables
RB-7 Cesar Ortega   Vacuum Repair
RB-8 Otto Hottendorf   Dolls and Collectables  
RB-8A Chris Grau   Body Jewlery
RB-9 Deborah & Nicole   2 Thrifty Chicks
RB-10 Ann & Noel   Shoes & More
RB-11 Joel Parayno   Electronics
RB-12 Kat & Paul   ***



Lucy Kerestes

Jinde Huang


Avon Representative

Luggage Store

LB-1 Marc & Ryan   Buy More Save More
LB-2 Lisa Ferrer   Mystique Market
LB-3 Laura Chmielewski   Beyond the Wine Rack
LB-4 Randi Nickerson    Crafty Items  
LB-5 Chet Gravatt    Novelties & More



Linette Zuniga

Ja’sheem Allah


Custom Accessories


LB-8 Dario Orosco   Mattress Store
LB-9 Dawn Price   Clothing  
LB-10 Nicole & Deborah   Just A Drop In The Bucket
LB-11 Joe Warren   Tool Store
LB-12 Jinde Huang   Luggage And Accessories
B2-1 Elvira Lopez   Custom Dresses
B2-2 Marvin Wortman   The Village Underground
B2-3 Marvin Wortman   Antiques and Cleanouts  
B2-4 Marvin Wortman   The Village Underground
B2-5 Rogelio Morales   Pickles
B2-6 Elvira Lopez   Blankets & More!
B2-7 Laurie Siess   The Clothing Ladies

Derrick Moore 

  Outlet Store


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