Rt 70 Flea Market and Auction : Lakewood, New Jersey

Info & Pricing

There are no reservations needed for table rentals.  Vendors can go to any open table after 6:30AM and set up.  Management will come directly to your table to collect the table fee.  We provide all the tables, so please do not bring your own.

We also offer Tailgating Spaces, where you get a larger selling space and can sell larger items.  We do not provide tables for tailgating spaces, however you may set up your own tables and sell out of the back of your vehicle.

Table Rates:
Friday – $5.00 Per Table Per Day
Saturday & Sunday – $12.00 Per Table Per Day

Tailgating Rates:
Spots 1-29 – $20.00 Each Per Day
Spots 30-70 -$25.00 Each Per Day

Indoor Booths:
Indoor booths are rented on a monthly basis.  Rates vary by booth size.  Inquire at the Office for more information.