Rules & Regulations – Rt 70 Auction & Flea Market

The following rules are in effect on every day the market opens and are enforced year-round:

  • Flea Market Grounds are sand and gravel. Enter at your own risk.
  • Sneakers must be worn at all times. No open toe shoes, flip flops, or bare feet.
  • Tables may not be moved from their original location.
  • Vendors must remove all of their own garbage and litter. Vendors are not to leave behind unsold merchandise. Anyone found dumping in the dumpster will be prosecuted.
  • Animals are not permitted anywhere on the flea market grounds.
  • Vendors are not permitted to hold tables for another vendor.
  • There are absolutely NO REFUNDS!
  • The use of loud speakers or public address systems is prohibited.
  • Alcohol is prohibited on market grounds. Any vendor found intoxicated will be arrested for public intoxication by Lakewood Police Dept.
  • Any tables blocked by your vehicle, you will be responsible for paying the daily rent.
  • Management reserves the right to eliminate any items from sale or swap, or the manner in which it is displayed.
  • Space assignments are made by management personnel only. Arrangements made by vendors will not be honored.
  • Vendors only get one parking space per table. Any additional cars are to be parked in parking lot.
  • WE PROVIDE ALL TABLES. Any additional table or rack vendor sets up will be an additional charge. No merchandise can be placed in front of table in aisle.
  • Space may not be given or sold by original purchaser to another vendor. If original vendor leaves table, management will rent table to another vendor.
  • Management reserves the right to withhold space rental from those it decides to be in conflict with the market’s regulations or are detrimental to the market.
  • Absolutely NO sales of tobaccos, candy, alcohol, soft drinks, ice cream, water, or any other food or beverage are to be made on the property.
  • Vendors must have daily rent when they enter the market grounds. If vendor does not have daily rent at time of collection, vendor will be asked to leave.
  • Management will call Lakewood Police Department without warning if counterfeit merchandise is being sold or counterfeit money is being distributed.
  • Once you leave you will not be able to return into vending area. Entrance to vending area is closed and locked after rent collection.
  • Prohibited Items

    The following items are not permitted on the property at any time:

  • Individually sold food and beverage items (water, soda, sandwiches, ice cream, candy, italian ice)
  • Counterfeit merchandise (imitation designer purses, shoes, CD’s, DVD’s, clothing, sunglasses)
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Firearms and ammunition
  • Fireworks and explosives
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